Auditions: Friday, Nov. 6, after school in the choir room.

Facial coverings are required at all times!

Monologues must be memorized.  Bring your own (30-60 seconds) or choose from the selection below:


It's no wonder Emily can't sleep. She obsesses about awkward interactions in the past, she tries to predict the disasters of the future - and then, of course, there's three immortal witches sabotaging her drama club production of Macbeth so they can escape the mortal realm.  You know, life stuff. But when the witches send strange visions to turn Emily and her new classmates against each other, no one can predict what happens next. Before the charm's wound up, all will face their fears in this tale of loyalty, anxiety, Skittles, and doom.


EMILY, teens, bullied at her old school and under pressure to make it work in this new one. Twice as confident in her schoolwork as her social life, she's pretty lonely. She can be funny when she forgets to worry. She has trouble sleeping a lot.

ANNIE, teens, easy going, clever. Fell into popularity on the soccer team, but remains loyal to her old summer-camp friend, Jess. Avoids conflict at all costs.

JESS, teens, an ambitious theater kid who underestimates her own intelligence. Can be prickly to defend her marshmallow center. Jokes with her best friend, ANNIE to keep her coming to school.

URSULA, First Witch. Immortal, driven, big-hearted, has a temper because she cares.

TAMORA, Second Witch. Immortal, a little crabby, and very insightful.

DIANA, Third Witch. Immortal, a dreamer, often underestimated.

AJ, teens, wildly insecure, doesn't know where to put all her energy except when she's onstage. Got labeled "disruptive" in third grade and ran with it. Wants to impress LOGAN.

LOGAN, teens, loud, smart, treats school as a game she refuses to lose. Part of the soccer crowd. Acting makes her happy, but she would never admit it. Wants to impress AJ.

MS. LUCAS, the English teacher, director of the drama club, permanently harried, heart of gold. Cares a little too much to be cool.

STUDENTS, 3 or more. An ensemble that plays the STUDENTS, including the TIGER mascot and the Macbeth cast. They also populate school hallways, terrifying dreams, and the aisles of a convenience store--and make them all equally real.